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Welcome to Pueblo Unido

Pueblo Unido CDC responds to the needs and concerns of underrepresented rural communities of the Eastern Coachella Valley through actively engaging and fostering collaborative efforts among residents and other stakeholders to find viable solutions, leverage critical resources, and bring new opportunities to improve the quality of life for its residents.

PUCDC – Paving project east of the valley

The United People organization in conjunction with the Transportation Department Riverside County began a four million dollars to pave multiple parks mobile homes known as Polanco, in the areas of Thermal, Oasis and Mecca.


Success Stories

Success Story: Community Leaders Establish Pueblo Unido Community Development Corporation San Jose Community Center Water Tower The Eastern Coachella Valley (ECV) has a profound and rich history of civil rights movements and leadership development. Many community residents have... Read More

Kids painting Tires

Technical Assistance and Training

Technical Assistance and Training The technical assistance program provides training to both park owners and tenants of agricultural housing communities with a maximum of twelve mobile home units on one parcel. These parks are known as “Polanco Parks”  which provides a “fast... Read More

Sergio Carranza News Interview

PUCDC in the Press

Pueblo Unido in the Press: CNN Webseries Interview: Water politics and immigration debate collide #MaeveWest Pueblo Unido sat down with Meave Reston to speak on rural communities and efforts being done to improve water access.               Breaking... Read More