About Pueblo Unido CDC

Pueblo Unido Community Development Corporation (PUCDC) is a newly established (501) (C) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization born from the initiative of community leaders with extensive experience and knowledge of local issues and concerns in rural areas of the Coachella Valley.

Eastern Coachella Valley Farms The farms of the Eastern Coachella Valley, located south of Palm Springs in the County of Riverside, California, produces a diverse variety of vegetable crops, including leaf lettuce, celery, artichokes, carrots, bell peppers, and seedless watermelon during the fall and spring. Late summer plantings of vegetable crops account for a significant portion of total US production of these crops during the winter months. In addition, the Valley produces 98% of the US date crop. Yet a glaring deficiency of farm worker housing, lack of critical infrastructure, and community-economic development opportunities continues to plague the local communities whose residents work the fields. In our judgment this is attributed to inadequate community organizing, training and education, and collaboration with public agencies.

Community Leader MeetingOur organization constitutes a new generation of leaders striving to set a foundation of exemplary leadership within the Eastern Valley. In our view, we must foster individual and community participation of Eastern Valley residents with governing bodies and other agencies that shape policy affecting their daily lives. We believe the reasoned engagement of community members will develop an environment of political awareness plus critical thinking and, consequently, the formulation of innovative ideas that include cultural assets within new project development, socially just policy goals, and political support by public and elected officials.

PUCDC is the catalyst non-profit organization promoting this philosophical approach, and the community development corporation required to provide sound technical support and civic-oriented planning solutions to the complex issues impacting our communities.